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Due to an Accident Pumpkinvine Corner must close its doors. Orders are not being accepted right now. If you haven't already, go to my home page and join my mailing list. Then I can keep you posted about a close-out sale that will hopefully be held in October.
Word Decorative Hangers

Wire and Metal Art Hangers that Spell Out Words to Accent your Little Quilts and Project

Please note: The hanger manufacturer is no longer providing finials (end caps)
on their wooden dowel hangers. They've had a lot of trouble with them breaking.

Details about hanger types & sizes, and Shipping Expense are below Click here to see.



12 inch - $19.36
gray line

God Bless Our Veterans Hanger


16 inch - $28.39
gray line
Memories Hanger
16 inch $21.73
gray line
Ho Ho Ho
Ho Ho Ho Hanger Split Bottom
6 in. - Silver Vein
(Dark Gray) $10.99
gray line
Trick or Treat Hanger
Trick or Treat Hanger Split Bottom
6 in. Trick or Treat
Charcoal - $11.55
gray line
Spacer 98  
Spacer 98 spacer 220
Family Hanger
16 inch - $21.73
gray line

Welcome Hanger
12 inch $16.90
16 inch $18.51
Please note: The hanger below has a $4.00 USPS long parcel surcharge added to shipping cost.
22 inch $23.39
gray line

Welcome 10

Welcome Metal Art Hanger with Clips

10 inch -$21.56

Boo Hanger
Spacer under names
6 inch - $10.25
12 inch - $10.86
gray line
Seeds Hanger
7.5 inch - $16.09
gray line
Believe Hanger
Believe Hanger
16 inch - $22.36
gray line
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Hanger Types
Top off those little quilts, wall quilts, and other craft projects with a decorative wire hanger from Ackfeld Manufacturing. Many of these quilt hangers, craft hangers, and project holders come with a wooden dowel. By pulling gently on one end, the dowel can be removed so that a little quilt with tabs or a sleeve can be slipped onto the hanger. Replace metal end into dowel and your project is ready to hang. Some of the dowels have finials and the dowel rests in a hook. All metal split bottom hangers are one piece and you use the opening to slide on the project sleeve. All the hangers are made of high quality steel and rust inhibited wire for longevity. These little quilt hangers and metal craft holders are sure to compliment your small projects. The non-painted hangers are all dark gray unless otherwise noted.
About Hanger Size and Hanging Techniques
Hanger Sizes reflect what size project best fits the hanger. If the hanger has wire inserted into a wooden dowel, the hanger size is the length of the wooden dowel. If the wood dowel ends rest in a "J" hook, the hanger size is approximately the width between the two "j" hooks. If the hanger is all metal, the hanger size just reflects the level part of the bottom and does not include the curl design at the ends. For example, a 22 inch all metal hanger, might actually measure 24 inches from tip to tip, but only 22 inches are level. Smaller projects can always fit on a larger hanger and a larger project can exceed the length of the hanger by several inches if the project has enough body to hold its shape and the sleeve is made to fit the hanger. Most of your smaller hangers have a central spot, notch, or hole where the hanger can hang from a small nail or even a pin if your project isn't too heavy. You'll notice the larger hangers have a screw hole on each end and they come with two screws. If you don't wish to use screws, you can use small nails.
About the Estimated Shipping Cost
Via the shopping cart service a little weight is added to each item in an effort cover the weight of the shipping box, invoice, label and packing materials. When a customer orders multiple items, it becomes difficult for the shopping cart service to always give an accurate shipping estimate and it will sometimes over-estimate. Pumpkinvine Corner always recalculates the shipping weight before processing the order, When the order weighs less than the estimate, we will make an adjustment before running the charge. Drop us an email (see email icon at bottom of page), if you would like a shipping quote prior to ordering. PLEASE NOTE: Sometimes it is only a fraction of an ounce that puts the weight of a package into a higher shipping rate. If your order is over 2 lbs. and you would like me to try and reduce the weight by removing a larger hanger's transparent wrapper and the heavy paper insert, just say something like "Reduce weight if possible" in the comment section when you check out. It might save you something on shipping.
The Patch Abilities Patterns are perfect for some of these hangers. Click here to see.
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