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AURIfil Thread Facts
Different Weights for Various Uses

Cotton Mako' 50wt/2 Ply

Because of its properties, the 50wt/2ply is great for:

* Heirloom Hand and Machine Sewing
* Machine quilting of any style
* Hand or Machine Piecing: Blocks are more accurate because of such flat seams
* In the ditch quilting: Practically invisible between the seams
* Micro Stippling
* Machine Embroidery
* Bobbins: Bobbins filled with 50 weight AURIfil will hold more and last longer
* Machine Applique': The fineness of the 50 weight AURIfil makes it a favorite
* Hand Applique': Thin and strong, it's perfect for needle turn applique. There's 270 colors!
* Perfect for miniature patchwork
* Serging: Use in the lower looper
* Lace: Works wonderfully for Bobbin lace & Machine lace
* Longarm quilting: Great thread to create texture where you don’t want to emphasize the thread. Use it in backgrounds, stitch in the ditch, basting quilts, wholecloth quilting, micro quilting for dense background designs. Match bobbin thread.

This is the finest and most popular of the Mako' threads. Aurifil's 50 wt. thread is spun on orange spools and hold 1422 yards of thread. The number of yards on this spool makes it a much more economical purchase than so many other brands sporting less yardage. 50wt AURIfil offers a fine applique finish so your fabric stands out more than the thread. Use for straight stitch, small zig zag, blind hem stitch, and the blanket stitch.

When Machine embroidering, you can use 50wt in the bobbin or your regular bobbin thread (in which case tighten the top tension a little) Use a Microtex 80/12 or Titanium Top Stitch 80/12 needle.

This is perfect thread for detailed machine quilting with a lot of back tracking (ie: feathers, heavy background quilting). You can create a texture that will not emphasize the quilting lines. Use the same thread in the bobbin and a Titanium Top Stitch 80/12 needle.

Machine quilting : Use for very detailed machine quilting with a lot of back tracking such as feathers and heavy background quilting . Perfect for quilting that creates texture when you don’t necessarily want to see the quilting lines. Use the same thread in the bobbin. Titanium Top Stitch 80/12 needle

Cotton Mako' 40wt/2 Ply

Because of its properties, the 40wt/2ply is great for:

* Domestic machines or Longarm quilting
* Machine and Hand Quilting motifs will stand out a little more
* Machine or Hand Piecing - nice, flat seams that will result in more accuracy
* Machine applique' (raw edge, straight stitch, small zig zag, blind hem, blanket stitch)
* In the ditch quilting
* Machine Embroidery - the most popular machine embroidery thread weight
* General sewing and garment construction
* Button Holes
* Bobbin and Machine Lace
* Serging

This is the "universal" thread weight in the Mako range. It is thin and versatile, slightly heavier than the 50wt and will make a nice flat seam. With its slightly heavier weight, quilting stitches will stand out more. Machine quilters and hand quilters alike love this weight for it's stength and look whether in the ditch or emphasizing a quilting design. It comes on the green plastic spool and holds 1094 yards. In machine or longarm quilting it can be paired with the same wt. or 50wt AURIfil in the bobbin. Titanium Top Stitch 80/12 needle.

Cotton Mako' 12 wt./2 Ply

* Machine applique': Heavy blanket stitch, buttonhole stitch primitive look use 50wt in bobbin
* Hand applique'
* Machine embroidery : Beautiful for longer stitch length designs. Titanium Top Stitch 100/16 needle.
* Machine Art quilting : Heavier thread for impressive effects. Beautiful on linen and jeans fabric
* Machine Sashiko
* Redwork and Hand Embroidery: Use it instead of stranded or pearl embroidery threads
* Cross Stitch: Can be used to give more definition.
* Utility Stitch Quilting
* Serger: Lower Looper

Cotton Mako 12 wt is the heaviest and thickest thread in the AURIfil line. When you want a decorative thread for your project, look to the Mako' 12 on the RED spool. It's thickness can give a great primitive or country effect. It is recommended that you use a needle with a large eye and shaft.

When longarm quilting, quilt slowly, large needle (4.5), adjust thread path for less resistance, use silicone when necessary, pair with 28W bobbin thread. Clean lint frequently. Good for art quilting when heavier thread effects are desired.

Art Quilting: Use a 90/14 topstitch needle

Polyester 40wt
Aurifil's variegated polyester thread is a 40wt high-sheen premium trilobal polyester thread. Trilobal is a multiple filament, twisted, high-sheen continuous fiber thread. It has the bright appearance of rayon or silk. In all the colors, variation length is from 2 to 6 inches. This thread is ideal for embroidery, quilting, thread painting and decorative stitching. There is abosolutely no lint and no issue with thread breaking. You can use this thread in both the top and in the bobbin and have a lovely stitch every time. And your bobbin will hold so much more thread. It's also beautiful for satin stitching and decorative applique. Long Arm or Domestic.
Invisible Nylon Thread
Great for stitch-in-the-ditch work, curved crosshatching and scallop border, machine applique and quilting.  It is a zero thread breakage product, with a smoother finish. It is shiny but not reflective.  Available in clear and smoke shades. 100% Nylon Made in Italy. Suggested needle : use a 3.5 regularly.
Aurifil Notes

AURIfil was established in 1983 and is based in Milano, Italy. It quickly became one of the world's premier manufacturers of fine thread for professional and domestic quilters.

Mako cotton is very fine cotton spun from extra long staple Egyptian fiber. It is smooth and strong. The light weight and superior strength of this thread results in less bulk and a neater seam. When seams lay flatter, the block size is more precise. And because of the fineness of the thread, a lot more Aurifil will load on a bobbin vs. so many other brands. Aurifil is very careful with the twisting and finishing process, which eliminates thread fraying and tangling. It can be found on many of the award winning quilts housed at the Museum of the American Quilter's Society.

The spools come with handy removable end caps. Just twist off the cap to find the thread end and then replace cap. When you are finished sewing, lower the cap to capture that loose end. They come individually wrapped so they will reach you in their pristine condition. Its low lint properties makes it the recommended thread of many quilters as well as machine repair technicians. This wonderful, high-sheen thread keeps machines happy and productive.

AURIfil designates their colors by number alone. The color names you find at this site are only used at this site.

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