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How I Applique using Heat n Bond Light
Heat n' Bond Lite is a fusible, light-weight paper-backed adhesive

1. I trace my design on the Heat n' Bond smooth paper side and cut it out, without thought of precision, about 1/4 to 1/2 inch outside the lines. In the following picture, the black line is my traced line and the red dotted line is the cutting line.

Graphic 1

2. If the piece I cut out is large, I will cut out the center of the paper and save it for later use. Just having adhesive around the edges of your design is enough to hold it down for sewing and will make the piece softer. The green line is what I would cut out.

Graphic 2

3. Now you have a donut of the design with some excess outside of the traced line.

Graphic 3

Iron this Heat 'n Bond piece (adhesive side down) onto the wrong side of your fabric. Once this is done you can cut out the design on the original traced line. Peel the paper off the back of the fabric and the unit is now ready to be ironed onto your background. Patch Abilities designs are drawn in reverse so they will iron on correctly. Heat n Bond has a strong bond without adding extra weight or stiffness to a project. Once applied Heat 'n Bond is easily sewn through, making it ideal for applique. Check out my "Papers" page for Heat 'n Bond.
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