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Welcome to
Pumpkinvine Corner

My husband and I live about 45 miles north of Atlanta, Georgia in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. This part of the country is so beautiful and I enjoy calling Georgia home. Not only is it full of natural beauty, it's also home to many quilters!

I started quilitng in the early 90's. I have had the pleasure of meeting lots of other quilters since first picking up a needle. Till this business started taking up all my time, I belonged to several guilds and bees. I learned early that quilters seemed to have an over-whelming preference for all cotton fabric and Aurifil thread. Now quilters are more apt to think outside the box and try new things and different fabrics. However Aurifil thread has stood the test of time.

My goal is to provide you with a pleasant site to visit while offering quality products, reasonable prices, and quick, competent service. It is our pleasure to offer Aurifil Thread at an exceptionally discounted price. We don't have a brick and mortar store, so we aren't set up to receive visitors. But we hope you'll visit our website often. Thank you,

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What is it about Quilting?

At one time or another I’ve enjoyed just about every art and craft imaginable. When my interest paled in one art, I moved on to the next. And then, in the early 90’s, I discovered quilting and felt I had come home. What I have discovered about quilting is that it can be anything you want it to be in terms of artistic expression. It has so many different facets, I can’t imagine ever getting bored with it. Each new quilt, whether big or small, funky or traditional, seems like a new adventure. If I had the time, I'd probably still dabble in some fiberless projects like altered books, card making, polymer clay, etc., but I’ve never felt the desire to move away from quilting. It will always be my favorite creative therapy.

One big plus to quilting are the side trips it offers. Since a bed size quilt is so big and takes so long to accomplish, we quilters are always on the lookout for smaller projects that we can take on the road with us… to bee, doctor's office or out of town. We sometimes need a dose of quick gratification and a project that can be finished quickly. The criteria we look for? It must include fiber. In the broadest sense, we quilters are basically fiber lovers. Bring it on if the project includes fiber. We embroider, use the punch needle, cross stitch, hook rugs, appliqué on wool, construct totes and purses, knit and crochet. Just let us touch fiber. But first and foremost, we are quilters. Maybe our genes carry the memory of our foremothers and we are driven to express ourselves with fabric. I have a quilt my grandmother made for me and it's such a treasure. Maybe we are driven to keep our hands busy. Whatever the drive is, the satisfaction is great.

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Why the name Pumpkinvine?
A Bit of History
W. J. Morgan Photo
Almost 30 years ago my family moved to Georgia. We settled in, what was then, a fairly rural area north of Atlanta on a street named Pumpkinvine Trail. The property backs up to Pumpkinvine Creek. While doing genealogy research, I found out that two of my great-great grandfathers, Cpl. James E. Musslewhite from Alabama and Pvt. William James Morgan from Texas, fought in this area during the Civil War. I researched the activities of their regiments during Sherman's march through Georgia and realized they had both camped and fought on Pumpkinvine Creek during the battles of New Hope Church and Pickett's Mill. I really felt an instant connection with these ancestors. Now, when I look at these woods around the creek, I visualize what it must have been like those many years ago. The travails suffered by all the soldiers, North and South, are etched in history and Pumpkinvine Creek remembers. It just seemed fitting that our name should include the word “Pumpkinvine”. The picture above is of Private William James Morgan, my Great-Great-Grandfather from Texas..
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