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Tools and quilting aids
Wire Hangers

Spring has Sprung!


Work on those holiday gifts now
Chain-Piece Thread Cutting Gizmo - How Cool! Always wished I had something like this. This is the extra hand you need to help separate chain-pieced units when quilting. Really speeds up the process! To safely cut the threads between the chain-pieced units, simply hold the fabric pieces with both hands and slip the thread into the slot on the top of the Chain-Piece Cutting Gizmo. The embedded razor blade cuts the thread quickly, easily and safely. The non-slip bottom ensures that it will stay in place when in use. Five replacement blades and the magnetic screwdriver needed for blade changes are stored in the Gizmo.

Free, delightful Cross Stitch Patterns from designer, Susan Ache

Click here for a free pattern of her latest design:
Joyeux Noel - It's beautiful.

Click this link for the patterns below



New Hangers
Would you rather not mess with a sleeve on a little quilt? Here's the answer. Some new hangers have come out that do not require a sleeve. Just clip the block or quilt on to the hanger. Voilà! Sizes range from 6 to 12 inches from edge of clip to the other edge of clip. Click here to check them out.
ring clip heart clip

"Real Thread" Color Card

270 Colors!

Represents all weights (12 - 28 - 40 - 50)

MSRP: $50.00.

On a personal note:

Do you have an autoimmune disease or know someone that does? Multiple Sclerosis, Lupas, Vitaligo, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriasis, IBD, Sjogren's, Hashimoto's, Myastenia Gravis, and so on. There's actually over 100 autoimmune diseases. I just want you to know there is an alternative to the expensive, harsh, immune-suppressive "high risk, low reward" drugs that are offered through conventional medicine. I have Multiple Sclerosis, and after tons of research, I found a remarkable protocol developed 20 years ago in Brazil by Dr. Cicero Coimbra. (much less expensive than my co-pays would have been for Ocrevus) He's a brilliant, humble Neurologist/Scientist. He teaches other doctors for free how to administer the protocol and monitor patients. I've been on the protocol for almost 2 years with great results. Now my Brain MRIs show no new or active lesions. The protocol is based on high doses of Vit D3 while maintaining a low calcium diet. It does require a protocol doctor to make any necessary dose adjustments and monitor your lab tests to make sure you aren't getting too much calcium in your blood. Do not try it on your own. You need a trained protocol doctor to monitor you. I feel compelled to shout to the world about the Coimbra protocol because it has helped so many thousands of people get their lives back. It not only appears to stop the progression of most autoimmune diseases for most patients, many find that recent symptoms (1-2 years) disappear. It is now being tested on Autism with encouraging results. The facebook group "Coimbra Protocol North America " has over 11,000 members. Join it and you'll find lots of information and a list of doctors, and a truly wonderful, supportive bunch of people. There are very few protocol doctors in the US, but there are doctors that will skype or Zoom the appointments. I live in Georgia, and my protocol doctor is in Seattle. Skyped appointments work well. There is also a site: "" that tells about the protocol and has many testimonials. OK, that's my first and probably last public service announcement!. It may not help every


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